February 2021 the WIX welcomes Hunter Communications as a member.

Fall of 2020 the WIX improves the internet experience for students during the COVID-19 pandemic, through facilitating peering between Emerald Broadband and the Eugene 4J school district.

March 5th, 2020 community members gather to organize a WIX Board of Directors and elect officers.

January 24, 2020 WIX is incorporated as an Oregon nonprofit corporation.

July 2019 – A second Juniper QFX Switch is donated to the WIX from US Ignite, configured and staged for the 2nd floor expansion of 859 Willamette Street’s Interconnect site.

In March of 2019, more than two dozen attendees show up for a ‘Call for Founders’ event, which validates community interest in formalizing a local internet exchange.

December 2018 – https://thewix.net website comes online.

Spring 2018 – US Ignite/Juniper donate a QFX5100-48 switch, configured and racked at interconnect site, basement of 859 Willamette Street.

Spring 2017 – A publicly managed “middle mile” solution comes online bringing 10×10 gigabit transport between Eugene and Portland, and Eugene and San Jose.

January 2016 – Milo Mecham convenes local partners and representatives from NWAX about “NWAX in Eugene”. Ironically, some remote stakeholders are not able to participate due to insufficient bandwidth at the meeting for skype participants.